Back in 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dali Lama said

         ‘The world will be saved by the Western Woman’

He was surrounded by an amazing group of women who used their feminine power to help those in need. I believe that often it is our strength and grace we gain through our pain and struggle that gives us this power.

I wanted to be a part of this ‘saving of the world’ and I saw that sometimes the person who needs help the most is the one who thinks she doesn’t need, or deserve help at all. Maybe she believes her problems are not as great as being hungry, cold, or homeless. But I’ve seen many women who need help just as much because they need something much more than the exterior necessities, they are in desperate need of self-love.

My darkest times were when I lacked self-love too.

Back in the day, working on stage or the set of a major motion picture as a performer, dancer, actress or stuntwoman put me into a world where I never felt good enough. Never thin enough. Never pretty enough.

Everyone else’s opinions about me, my looks, my weight mattered more than how I felt about who I was. Even those of my then, (now ex) husband. My efforts to lose the weight quickly and stay super skinny for whatever role I was in at the moment had sucked out my energy, my health, and my happiness.  I kept looking for a magic pill instead of changing my habits.

Looking back I was totally depleted of any self-love and it was apparent in the way I treated myself, my body AND the way I let others treat me as well, including my husband who eventually handed me divorce papers when I was in one of the scariest, darkest times of my life.  One day I had a major wake up call, lying down at the end of a long day. My heart was racing so fast it scared me so much, I was having a panic attack and thought I was going to die. I realized I had taken a more than a few diet pills and probably drank about 5 energy drinks without any real food in my system.

All of the years of self-denial, self-hatred, harsh dieting, diet pills, energy drinks, and God knows what else, had finally caught up with me. I was in a dark, lonely, sad place and I absolutely had to start over and rescue myself from my habits, my lifestyle, and the self-loathing monster that lurked not under my bed, but in my HEAD!

That was the hardest part, starting over from scratch and realizing I was my own worst enemy! From that moment on I made every effort toward my health and happiness a top priority. For the first time in my life I actually went to get help.

I was A Woman On The Cusp!

I knew there was no going back and my new life was waiting for me, if I just had the courage to take the first step.

I discovered how to retrain my brain, love and forgive myself, and slowly began to take care of myself. I started breathing exercises, went to personal development seminars, got into YOGA, eating healthy meals, and then my energy skyrocketed! I felt better than I had in my entire life and it was a WHOLENESS type of ‘feeling good’ not some effect of a pill that would wear off in a few hours. No Way! This was here to stay because of my promise I made to myself.

People began asking me what I had done and I started coaching people who also had life changing results. My clients learned to make themselves a priority, and stopped trying to be everything to everyone else.

Since then, I’ve worked with many private clients, been hosted on national television stations like NBC, ABC, FOX, spoken in front of countless groups: teaching and training others on how to make sustainable and reliable transformations and create the health, life, relationships, and happiness they truly desired and deserved.

My struggles were a gift because now I know first hand how difficult it is to pick your-self up, and Re-Create your-self after a major life change.

Are You A Woman On The Cusp?

I like using that term to describe my ideal clients because it sums up the situation that they are faced with. A time when one thing (their old life) is about to transition or change into another (their new life).

The hardest part I learned was accepting where you are and having the courage to ask for help to take the first step.

Then it’s getting your mind, body and spirit to work together to create and embrace the changes needed to support a New AMAZING Life.

Changing is the hardest part because the bad news is your brain HATES change and will try to talk you out of it by making you think…

You’re not good enough.

You don’t really deserve more.

You can’t change and you’re lazy.

You don’t really need to change.

What if you change and you’re still unhappy?

You don’t need help and your problems aren’t that great.

You can live like this. You’re fine. Heck, it’s not THAT BAD!

That’s why it’s imperative you learn to create empowering rituals and habits that become unconscious and allow your inner guidance system to takeover. Teaching this is my passion and my specialty!

Then with the right tools you will be able to create your New Self, your New Life and be ‘YOU, Happy Ever After’ (just like me 🙂 

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Much Health, Happiness and Lots and Lots to Love to You!