Back in 2009 at the Vancouver Peace Summit, the Dali Lama said

         ‘The world will be saved by the Western Woman’

He was surrounded by an amazing group of women who used their feminine power to help those in need. I believe that often it is our strength and grace we gain through our pain and struggle that gives us this power.

I wanted to be a part of this ‘saving of the world’ and I saw that sometimes the person who needs help the most is the one who thinks she doesn’t need, or deserve help at all. Maybe she believes her problems are not as great as being hungry, cold, or homeless. But I’ve seen many women who need help just as much because they need something much more than the exterior necessities, they are in desperate need of self-love.

My darkest times were when I lacked self-love too.

Even though I was a dancer, Disney princess, singer, actress and stunt woman I spent most of my life not feeling good enough.

I was constanly doing things that I knew were harmful to my health. I was taking diet pills and drinking energy drinks just to get through my day.

My nights were spent partying and trying desperatly to fit into a lifestyle that was slowly killing me.

I finally hit rock bottom and then I was handed divorce papers. I was faced with a major struggle as my life took a tragic turn.  After I was was forced out of my own home, I decided that an EPIC bounce back was an absolute must if I was going to thrive.

Determined to create a better life, I enrolled in several programs that included; detoxing to cleanse my body of all the harmful stuff I had injested over the years from diet pills to hard core drugs. I learned strategies to reprogram my mind, practiced meditation and Yoga to build my spirit – all the while working extremely hard to gain a solid footing for my business. My sweat, tears, and efforts paid off and within just a few years I became healthier, happier, more enthusiastic, more confident and the unstoppable woman I am today.

Are you faced with a major life change right now? Is it time to recreate yourself?

Sometimes the hardest part is accepting where you are and having the courage to ask for help to take the first step.

Then it’s getting your mind, body and spirit to work together to create and embrace the changes needed to support a New AMAZING Life.

Changing is the hardest part because the bad news is your brain HATES change and will try to talk you out of it by making you think…

That you really don’t have to change.

You don’t deserve to be truly happy.

You can’t have everything you really want.

It’s going to be difficult and what if you fail?

You’ll lose things or people that matter to you.

What if you change and you’re still not happy?

With such disempowering thoughts lurking in your mind it’s imperative you learn to create empowering rituals and habits that become unconscious and allow your inner guidance system to takeover. Teaching this is my passion and my specialty!

With the right tools you will be able to create your New Self, your New Life and be ‘YOU, Happy Ever After’ (just like me 🙂 

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Much Health, Happiness and Lots and Lots to Love to You!